We believe in offering our customers the absolute latest products in the market place that really make a difference to their homes and lifestyle – both our lanterns and solid timber roofs can transform your property and do exactly that.

Any room in your home with a flat roof can be completely modernised and made to feel unique by our award winning aluminium lanterns. They come in a huge range of colours and sizes with a number of different glass options too – we have one in our showroom if you’d like to pop in and see it.

The benefits are obvious in that you get a massive amount of extra natural light into your home as well as the extra feeling of height and space as well as an amazing feature in your property. Also because of the quality of our product, the glass we use and our exceptional fitting you’ll see no increase in your heating costs – our amazing lanterns will keep you cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

Our solid roofs are specifically designed to transform existing conservatories or orangeries into a luxurious new room that you can use all year round – in just a few days we can convert your old conservatory into the extra room you really want and need.

We guarantee that installing one of our timber frame roofs will not only give you a room you can use comfortably in any weather but that you will also benefit from a substantial reduction in the heating costs of the room.

Our roofs are engineered with an industry leading unique timber system that is filled with high performance insulation that provides an overall U value of 0.13 which is lower than any other roof system available and far exceeds the industry of 0.18. (U value is the measurement of heat loss and the lower the number, the better)

Our lightweight tiles come in a number of styles and colours so that we can match them to your existing property making your conservatory look like a truly integral part of your home – our tiles come with 110mph wind guarantee as standard.

As with everything we do we offer a huge range of choice and we’ll work with you to deliver exactly what you want.

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