Glass Rooms are fast becoming the must have modern conservatory alternative for the 21st Century.

Unlike a traditional conservatory which has a dwarf wall or a traditional orangery that has brick pillars a Glass Room has glass from the floor to the ceiling and glass is the predominant feature on 2 or 3 of the external walls. These can be solid glass units housed in our aluminium frames, sliding doors, bi-folding doors or patio doors – the choice is yours.

All of the aluminium products you choose to use in the construction of your Glass Room would be manufactured by our award winning aluminium supplier in the North of England – their range is amazing. Your Glass Room would then be built and fitted by our dedicated outstanding construction team here at Rainbow Yorkshire.

What you use your Glass Room for is of course up to you – we’ve seen them used impressively for everything from kitchen extensions to dinning rooms to living rooms – whatever you use it for a Glass Room is a fantastic and beautiful addition to any home.

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